Jason Beck

Charter Member

My goals to deliver impact

Zettawatts mission is to provide corporations a high-impact, low-risk platform to back new U.S. renewable energy projects to meet their sustainability goals. The company’s flagship product is the Additionality REC Market where sustainability leaders sign forward contracts to purchase 5 or 10 year strips of fixed-price Additionality RECs from projects currently under development. The AREC Market enables users to plan, budget, review REC price forecasts for 20+ voluntary & compliance RECs and buy ARECs. Lets get more Renewable Energy projects to bankability!

What drives me

The Climate Crisis is about to reach a new level, where it starts to affect everyone, not just those in the know. After reading the book, Speedandscale.com, I was fascinated that I could personally have a sizeable impact on the largest carbon polluter we had, the Retail Energy Grid. Beyond that, I have started to take action personally on ways to start reducing my carbon footprint as a family.