Benjamin Zehr

Charter Member
Reciprocal Studio

My goals to deliver impact

We aim to build, support, and invest in hundreds of companies that tap the tremendous creativity, potential, and power of natural systems (from microscopic to macroscopic) to solve for and adapt to our climate challenge. LAC is a region both uniquely at risk and poised to capitalize on a historic opportunity to lead over the next two decades, and we intend to help write that story.

What drives me

Growing up surrounded by agriculture in an emerging economy and humbled by our food system's vulnerability to shocks, climate impact is important to me as someone who values a continued, symbiotic relationship between humans and the terrestrial and aquatic environments we rely on. Energy takes many forms, sometimes embodied in food, sometimes as potential energy in excess forest biomass; ultimately, I believe that stewardship of our natural world is the only ticket out of our multiple intertwined crises.