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An Energy & Carbontech founder community
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Our Guiding Principles
- Creating authentic connectivity
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- Transforming the founders journey through shared experience
Looking for Space for you and your team? 

We have a network of co-working and office options for you around Houston.

Are you building a THUNDERLIZARD?

In Houston we are building thunderlizards, not unicorns. A thunderlizard is a massive company that emerges from the blending of the old and the new.  

There is no such thing as a small energy company, and those born in Houston will shake the very ground where they emerge.

Our Mission

To foster authentic connectivity within Houston's energy and carbontech ecosystem, empowering founders to grow personally and professionally, thereby driving business growth and accelerating the transition to a decarbonized future

Why join the Nexus?

For Founders By Founders

Energy Tech Nexus, a community built by founders for founders, fosters innovation leadership. It propels founders on a growth journey, enhancing their startups and expanding funding avenues. Central to this community is founder-to-founder networking, encouraging rich knowledge exchange and mutual support. This collective strength allows founders to advance personally and professionally, equipping them to develop thunderlizards—the massive startups that will decarbonize our world.

For energy & carbontech

The Energy Tech Nexus is tailored to the needs of energy and decarbonization founders; we uniquely understand the  challenges of building capital intensive, deep tech innovation businesses. We provides specialized resources and expert guidance, essential for navigating these complex, resource-heavy sectors.

Connectivity between decarbonization wildcatters

Fostering genuine bonds among carbontech founders through activities like CEO roundtables, investment workshops, team coaching, and retreats. Amidst today's unique conditions and the surge in carbontech ventures, this community exists to share the best thunderlizard building practices.

Creating connectivity with space

Located in downtown Houston, the Nexus's is based out of the Esperson Startup Village, where we engage with a vibrant hub for connection and interaction. By creating density in the center of the energy capital of the world, it fosters a dynamic environment where founders can engage, collaborate, and drive innovation.

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Startup Village, co-working and offices (808 Travis Street, Houston TX)

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