Jeremy Pitts

Charter Member

My goals to deliver impact

My role with Activate allows me to seek out the hardest and most impactful technologies coming out of labs and research and help those scientists flourish as entrepreneurs and turn their ideas into reality. By identifying and supporting these breakthrough technologies that might otherwise struggle to gain traction, I hope to have a meaningful impact on solving the world's biggest challenges.

What drives me

I fell into climate on accident. As a young engineer I got the opportunity to work at a solar startup and mostly just thought it seemed like a cool job. Over the nearly 20 years since then, I've not only continued to find myself working on climate and energy, but I've also watched the world change significantly and realized that we don't have any more time to waste to make a meaningful impact on climate change. Our ability to slow down and eventually reverse climate change is the biggest challenge any generation has ever faced and I hope to leave my kids with a world that reflects the positive impact we can make.