Kent Johnson

Charter Member
CLS Wind

My goals to deliver impact

CLS Wind's technical innovations result in faster, safer, cheaper and more efficient installation, maintenance, repair and decommissioning of onshore and offshore wind turbines. Our team has developed systems that provide flexible solutions to the onsite assembly and erection of wind turbines, installing them without the need for large, heavy and expensive cranes, as well as being able to install several turbines concurrently (parallel versus series installations). For onshore operations, this also means a smaller footprint for the construction site, with a substantially lower environmental impact. By applying our patented systems for the design of a comprehensive self-erection wind turbine tower, along with a unique self-positioning nacelle system, wind farm owners can start producing energy in a fraction of the time that it used to take in the recent past. In addition, maintenance, repair and decommissioning operations will become easier, faster and safer, getting the turbines back "online" or replaced faster than ever before.

What drives me

Nature is an energy source that should be protected and preserved. We must do our part to improve our world, both now and going forward! We want to leave a legacy in the world, re-utilizing existing assets (personnel and equipment) that are currently idle and/or obsolete, expediting clean, renewable wind energy, reducing the environmental impact and emissions, and improving the lives of people across the planet!