Sean Thomas

Charter Member
Dynamik Fluid Power

My goals to deliver impact

To drive reductions in energy consumption and carbon footprint in the high pressure pump industry with our best in class, user friendly, high efficiency, reciprocating pump technology, which provide a 5% to 24% reduction in energy use compared to conventional pump technology. We will also use this platform to expand our current efforts to develop industry leading, plant based lubricants for use in our pumps and a wide range of other applications. We will also move forward with our plan to develop ultra clean, high performance, alternative fuel, heavy duty engines for a variety of heavy vehicle and industrial applications, including packaging the ultra clean, heavy duty engines for use with our high pressure pump product line.

What drives me

We only have one world. The impact of humankind on planet earth is producing wide ranging and devastating effects with climate change, pollution, deforestation, and extinction of natural species. We have to do better.