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  1. The Energy Nexus: A professional association of startup founders working on energy and carbontech.
  2. Greentown Labs: Offers lab tours and opportunities to meet startup founders.
  3. Ion Houston: Known for hosting events, lunches, and interactions with founders.
  4. Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship: Features technology-based ventures and includes a tour of the Lilie Lab.
  5. The Cannon: Showcases a wide range of founders and the innovation ecosystem in Houston.
  6. TXRX Labs & East End Maker Hub: Notable for their machinery and maker space, fostering innovation.

Community Organizations:

  1. Greater Houston Partnership: A platform for meeting major companies for pilots, investments, and potential exits.
  2. Houston Energy Transition Initiative (HETI): A key initiative in the field of energy transition.
  3. Impact Hub Houston: Connects with diverse founders in America's most diverse city.
  4. Cleantech Leaders Roundtable: Organizes educational and engaging events.
  5. Renewable Energy Alliance: Focuses on renewable energy initiatives.
  6. Born Global: On a mission to cultivate a conclusive community for diverse innovators with a global mindset and to interconnect local, national, and international innovation ecosystems

Future Thunder Lizards:

  1. Syzygy Plasmonics: A leading hard-tech startup, offering tours and unique opportunities.
  2. Myrtle Solar: Specializes in solar and storage projects.
  3. Solugen: Aims to decarbonize the physical world with groundbreaking technology.
  4. Digital Wildcatters: Known for their impact in connecting energy with innovation
  5. Alchemy Industrial: Manufacturing solar in the US
  6. Grid United: Specializes in transmission solutions.
  7. Fervo: Focuses on geothermal energy.
  8. Cemvita Factory: Using microbes to solve energy challenges.

Other Noteworthy Locations and Entities:

  1. HARC (Houston Advanced Research Center): Features Houston's only Net-Zero building.
  2. CenterPoint Energy’s Service Centers: Highlights the importance of electric infrastructure and energy 2.0.
  3. Neste: A leader in the oil and gas sector's energy transition.
  4. Ship Channel and Port: Offers a perspective on the scale and challenges of energy transition.
  5. Net Power: Represents a pioneering clean energy project.
  6. Sunnova: Noted for residential storage solutions.
  7. Sunnyside Solar Farm: A promising development in solar energy.