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What is the Energy Tech Nexus?

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A startup hub for the energy transition

A startup ecosystem supporting the energy transition. By bringing critical resources together we will catalyze innovation.

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A network of founders by founders

Unique for Houston, the Energy Tech Nexus is operated by Founders who have worked in energy and climate for decades.

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Dedicated to energy and carbontech

Decarbonization will be lead from Houston.  No other city has the diversity, skill set, and chutzpah to decarbonize the world at scale.

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Bridging innovation and industry in HTX

Startups and Venture Capital cannot decarbonize the world alone, we must partner with industry to bring the best technologies to market efficiently

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Creating Thunderlizards

There is no such thing as a small energy business and the thunder-lizards of 2050 will be built here in Houston.

Solving the energy trilemma

Energy is hard, we work to solve the energy trilemma of energy security, sustanability, and delivering ROI